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JUKSEREI Jewelry is a Berlin based label with roots in Denmark.
The label was established in 2012 by the Danish fashion designer
Chanette Anderson, who worked for many years in
the fashion industry.



Encouraged by Chanette, JUKSEREI takes responsibility to make pieces that
are timeless
This means that Jukserei does not follow quick fashion trends or
release new jewelry on fixed times a year, but create jewelry that is multi seasonal,
and comes to life out of personal passion and intuition.


Within the Slow Fashion movement, Chanette and the design team strive to make
timeless jewelry of high quality that can be enjoyed by everyone and maybe even
take on a sentimental value. This approach results in delicate, petite and personal
creations, enhancing a woman’s natural beauty and femininity. For every
women of all ages can find a suitable piece in Jukserei's jewelry




Everything JUKSEREI creates is designed in Berlin and handmade in Italy by an
Italian family business that has refined know-how skills. With handmade we mean
that every piece has passed their expert hands and has been delicately put
together. Slight variations in size and/or color do not indicate defects, are not
considered flaws, but are the trademark of handmade products.


Then, in Berlin everything is quality checked piece by piece, beautifully shot and
arranged in our photo-studio and then ready to be shipped off worldwide.



All JUKSEREI jewelry is nickel, lead and cadmium FREE and made
out of pure .925 sterling silver. Most of our pieces are up to +2
micron plated 24 Karat gold and 18 Karat rose gold.


The entire team makes it their priority to make sure every online order is packed
with love and care. As well as for our online communications we strive to stay as
personal as possible. Unpacking a JUKSEREI order is like peeking into our
universe with delicate handpicked paper and lovely words.





The Berlin-based brand has steadily grown a loyal fanbase worldwide online and
can be found offline in more than 160 lovely stores around the globe.
Check here to see if there’s one in your neighbourhood. 




JUKSEREI collaborates with inspiring women around the globe who share their
own styled personal #myjukserei. See how they wear their favorite pieces on
JUKSEREI'S Press page,  Facebook and Instagram.




'Juks' means stuff in Danish. That is how Chanette's dad used to call her creations
from the very beginning. While living in Berlin she combined the Danish "Juks"
with the German-sounding ending "erei" to create the name of a label which
reflects its many influences!


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