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Say Hello to Åse 

Åse is Anne from Jukserei's mom. She has been following Jukserei
since Anne joined the team and since then, has been one of our dearest
fans. Åse is a daycare mom and takes care of 4 little munchkins in
Jutland down south in Denmark.

She loves visiting Anne in Berlin. Mostly because then, they enjoy great
talks together over good food and delicious wine, until the early morning.


1. What is a memorable moment in your life?

I always treasure when we are able to gather the family, most often in Denmark but also on
our vacations to Italy. Additionally I don't ever want to miss out on a good party. When
dancing and enjoying music, you don't feel a day over 20 :).




2. Which tendency within fashion have you faithfully held on for years?

Simplicity. I bought a black skirt thirty years ago - and use it still to this day.


3. Any recent cultural discoveries that you can specify? 

Our – often spontaneous – trips to Berlin have been great experiences for me. We travel the
city by bike and on foot and thoroughly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the big, colorful
selection of cafés and restaurants. Berlin has the soul of a big city.


4. What is your favourite Jukserei piece?

Many! Currently I often wear the Pendul Earrings and the Pendul Necklace at parties, as
they go really well with a simple evening dress.  



Thank you Åse for your contribution to FRIENDS OF JUKSEREI and to show us
that jewelry appeals to every woman no matter their age! Read our other interviews here.






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